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Soil fertility and fertilizers- S.L. Tisdale & W.L. Nelson

Entomology and Pest management- L.P. Peddigo

Extension Education- A. Reddy

Spices and Condiments- J.S. Pruthi

General Textbook of Entomology- Imm’s

Principles of Biochemistry- Lehninger

Plant Pathology- G.N. Agrios

Handbook of Horticulture- K.L. Chadha (ICAR)

Floriculture in India- M.S. Randhawa

Fruits- Ranjeet Singh

Vegetables- B. Chaudhary

Garden Flowers- Vishnu Swaroop

Nature and Properties of soils- N.C. Brady and Weil

Fundamentals of Ecology- E.P. Odum

General and Applied Entomology- B.V. David and T.N. Anantha Krishana

Revolution: To Green the Environment. To Glow the Human Heart- M.S. Swaminathan

Insects Structure and Function- Chapman

Unaccoustomed Earth- Thompha Lahiri

Horticulture to a Glance (Vol. I, II, III)- A.S. Salaria &  Babita Salaria

Rose in India- B.P. Pal

Origin of Species- Charles Darwin (ARS 2010)

Modern Techniques of Raising field Crop- Chhidda Singh

Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation- L.M. Lilliesand

Plant Breeding theory and Practice- V.L. Chopra

Diseases of Crop Plants in India                -G. Rangaswami

Introduction of Plants Biotechnology- H.S. Chawla

Economics of Farm Production and Management- V.T. Raju

Text book of Soil Science- T.D. Biswas

Plant Diseases- R.S. Singh

Introductory Mycology - C.U. Alxopoulos

Elements of Economic Entomology- B.V. David

Weed Science : Basic and Applications- T.K. Das

Introduction to Spices, Plantation Crops Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - N. Kumar

Field Crop Production I and II- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Introduction Principles of Plant Pathology- R.S. Singh

Agricultural Economics- S. Subba Reddy

Outlines of Biochemistry- E.E. Conn and P.K. Stumff

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