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1. The majority of phyto pathogenic fungi belong to - Ascomytes & Basidiomycetes

2. Causal agent of blast of rice and gray leaf spot in turfgrasses - Magnaporthe grisea

3. Causal agent of soybean rust - Phakospora pachyrhizi

4. Most bacteria that are associated with plants are actually- Saprotrophic

5. Most plant pathogenic bacteria are -  Rodshaped (bacilli)

6. Plant viruses must be transmitted from plant to plant by a - Vector

7. Bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by- Xanthomonas oryzae

8. The disease caused by Leptosphaeria sacchari in sugarcane is- Ring spot

9. Loose smut of wheat is- Internally seed borne

10. The Karnal bunt of wheat is caused by- Neovossia indica

11. Sugarcane rust is caused by - Puccinia eriathi

12. Leaf blight of wheat is caused by - Alternaria trictinia

13. Stem rot of rice is caused by- Sclerotium oryzae

14. Tungro disease of rice is spread by- Nephotettix virescens

15. Ufra disease of rice is caused by- Ditylenchus

16. Whip smut of sugarcane is caused by - Ustilago sciteminae

17. Red rot of sugarcane is caused by- Collectorichum falcatum

18. Sugarcane mosaic disease is transmitted by- Rhopalosiphum maidis

19. Disease also known as “Killer Disease of Wheat” is - Black/ Stem rust

20. Akiochi disease is due to - Sulphur toxicity

21. White rust of crucifers is caused by - Albugo candida

22. Crop showing maximum resistance to nematode is-  Marigold

23. Iris famine in 1845, was caused due to - Phytophothora infestance

24. Father of Indian Pathology is - E.J.Butler

25. Bengal famine 1943/brown spot of rice is caused by- Helminthosporium oryzae

26. Life cycle of wheat rust is given by-  K. C. Mehta

27. The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is-  Plasmosphora viticola

28.  First bacterial disease known as fire blight of pear was reported for first time from USA by -T. J . Burill

29. Udabatta disease of rice is due to - Ephelis oryzae

30. Ring rust of Aonla is caused by - Ravenellia emblica var. fructoidae

31. Frog eye leaf spot of tobacco is caused by - Cercospora nicotianae (Fungus)

32. Leaf blight of cotton is caused by - Alternaria macrospora

33. Father of Microbiology is - Louis Pasteur

34. Bacterium was discovered by - Anton Leewenhock

35. Father of Modern Plant Pathology is - Anton de Berry

36. Bordeaux mixture was developed by-  P.M.A. Millardet

37. Central Plant Protection Training Institute is situated at - Hyderabad (A.P.)

38. Integrated pest control ( IPM) term was coined by - Bartlett (1956)

39. The term “Pest Management” was given by - Geier (1970)

40. Father of Insect Physiology is - Wiggelworth

41. DDT was discovered by - Paul Hermann Muller

42. First insecticide discovered was - DDT

43. Plant Protection and Quarantine Act was passed in the year - 1912

44. Insecticide Act was passed in - 1968

45. The largest single group of plant viruses family is - Potyviridae

46. First transgenic plant developed in this world is - Tobacco

47. Majority of plant viruses are- ssRNA(+) viruses

48. The vector responsible for spread of potato leaf roll virus disease is - Aphids

49. Wart disease of potato in the country is resitricted to - Darjelling hills

50. Moko disease in banana is caused by - Pseudomonas solanacearum

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